Merican Appraisals

Merican Appraisals

Speciailizing in residential real estate appraisals in Maricopa and the majority of Pinal Counties.

Practices and Standards

At Merican Appraisals we value a strong code of Ethics. We operate our business in a professional friendly manner. Our emphasis is on quality work in a timely fashion.

  • Turn around times are generally within 2 business days from Appraisal appointment.
  • Preliminary market research is performed prior to scheduling an appointment.
  • If there are problems with scheduling or anything else that would interfere with the loan process, you will receive a call with a status and steps toward resolution.
  • I believe that good communication, fast turn around times and fair pricing are key to a good business relationship.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and you'll see why we stand out from the rest.


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